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Helm Wheel Specialists

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Lambourne services are specialists in coverings for helm wheels, spray hood bars, runner blocks and other associated projects. Every covering is cut and stitched to your specifications with the finest material and over 40 years experience.


The Helm is where you command your vessel, so it’s important to have your helms wheel covered in high quality leather.


Runner blocks can be dangerous without out purpose made coverings, Lambourne Services use first grade leather and high density foam to ensure you are protected.







  • Every cover is bespoke to YOUR wheel

  • Highest quality leather used

  • Eliminate "hand slipping" on the wheel with better grip

  • No more cold stainless steel to touch

  • Distinct touch of class to your vessel

  • Turks head to show central position

  • Glued and hand stitched as necessary for perfect fit.



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